Some say that COVID-19 came into existence by someone eating a bat in China. Some say that it was a gain of function experiment that was released into the wild from the Wuhan Institute of virology in China. This latter theory was actually censored on social media and has only recently been allowed on - mainly because Anthony Fauci, in this recent leaked emails, eluded to this fact.

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19 October 2021
Another Child, Harry Sandell, Suddenly Dies After Getting "Proudly" Vaccinated

Once upon a time, sudden death wasn't a thing. Sudden death in Children was practically unheard of but now it is all becoming all too common. Harry Sandell, son of Jannine Sandell, was "proudly" vaccinated […]

18 October 2021
Insane UK Schools Will Use Facial Recognition on Our Children!

The Financial Times has reported that nine schools in the UK's North Ayrshire will start taking payments from students' using their faces. Now, some may see this a the times moving forward. However, we're able […]

18 October 2021
Northern Australian Territory - Mandatory Vaccines for Workers with $5000 Fines for Those Who Don’t Comply

In less than 30-days time, essential workers in the Northern Australian Territory will be subject to one of the strictest Covid-19 vaccination mandates in the world. Chief Minister Michael Gunner has said that any public […]

17 October 2021
My name is Craig Backman and until recently, I WAS, a proud Senior Constable with Victoria Police

My name is Craig Backman and until recently, I WAS, a proud Senior Constable with Victoria Police. On the 17th of September 2021, I wrote an email to the Management of Victoria Police where I […]

17 October 2021
BREAKING NEWS: Riots on French Island Between Hospital Staff and Police - No MSM Coverage

Riots have been reported between hospital staff and French Police on the French Island of Martinique. It is interesting to see that there is not a single word about this on Main Stream Media! Why […]

15 October 2021
COVID-19 Vaccine has Killed More People than the Disease in Taiwan!

We all know that the COVID-19 vaccine has been rushed and tainted - it's deadly. In Taiwan, the deaths from the COVID Vaccine has officially surpassed the number of deaths from the disease itself. People […]

15 October 2021
Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research Vanessa Gelman RUNS from Veritas' Questions

Just recently, an ex-Pfizer employee had come out and leaked emails from Vanessa Gelman advising to keep the use of fetal cell lining for their vaccine under wraps. Now, an employee of Project Veritas (a […]

15 October 2021
Dr. Robert Malone On His mRNA Creation

Stew Peters had a sit down with Dr. Robert Malone, the creator of the mRNA technology that is being used in the clotshots being falsely referred to as "vaccines", which have proven to be dangerous, […]

14 October 2021
Airline Pilots Fight Back Against Vaccine Mandates

"Here's what comes next..." An airline pilot fighting vaccine mandates sends a message for all passengers to listen closely. A House bill that's been floated, and supported by Dr. Fauci, could radically change flying in […]

11 October 2021
Merck to Get $7,000,000,000 for it's Emergency Use Covid-19 Tablet!

Today, Merck & Co Inc (MRK.N) said it has applied for U.S. emergency use authorization for its drug to treat mild-to-moderate patients of COVID-19. You heard that right, in a time that we clearly are […]

9 October 2021
Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails: ‘We Want to Avoid Having Info on Fetal Cells Out There'

Project Veritas have now Interviewed a Pfizer whistleblower that unveils some Interesting facts Pfzier really doesn't want to be shared. Melissa Strickler, a quality auditor at the big-pharma company does not claim to be an […]

8 October 2021
Swine Flu: Gross Medical Fraud Uncovered Way Back in 1976

A sick dress rehearsal for the genocidal Covid mayhem currently playing out globally. These three video reports, listed below, give disturbing & extremely revealing insights into how we got where we are today in October […]

8 October 2021
Marburg Virus? Are You Ready For The Next Big Plandemic?

You may have recently heard about the emergence of the Marburg virus as it is gradually creeping into press conferences and beginning to create waves both in the mainstream and alternative media.  An alarming video […]

5 October 2021
Pfizer Scientists: ‘Your [COVID] Antibodies Are Better Than The [Pfizer] Vaccination.'

Project Veritas is at it again and this time it's the scientists from Pfizer telling some of the truths that the vaccine company doesn't want you to know. Watch and share and #ExposePfizer Video Share […]

4 October 2021
Australian Premier Announces 100,000s Authorised Workers to be Jabbed or Lose Their Jobs

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says all essential workers will require at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by October 15. None of this has anything to do with facts, but, when has the official […]

4 October 2021
Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger ALL DOWN - Whats your Plan B?

It appears Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have all crashed and are down. According to the website DownDetector, the issues started at around 16:44 BST (11:44 ET), and are affecting the majority of users. […]

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