Doctor Samuel White Resigns as a GP Partner Due to 'all of the lies'

14 June 2021

Dr. Samuel White - a successful doctor has resigned from his place due to 'all of the lies' that came with the Plandemic. He said that he had gone to medical school in good faith, hoping he could make a difference to the world. The fact that doctors are resigning due to the position they are put in - afraid to speak up and almost as if their hands are tied.

dr samuel white

Dr Samuel White speaks of treatments that have been proven and safe. With solid evidence to back it up. These treatments include hydroxychloroquine. Even a simple inhaler has been found to be effective against COVID-19. He asks that we all do our own research.

Unfortunately, his original video has been taken down, however, we do have a clip of it from Twitter here.

Do your own research, it saves lives. Stop the tyranny.

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