Dr. Anthony Fauci being removed as head of the NIAID discussed by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

16 June 2021

In light of Anthony Fauci's emails being leaked, Marjorie Taylor Greene, an American politician and representative for Georgia's 14th congressional district, has proposed to fire Fauci. "Fauci lied. People died."

Greene and her coworkers discuss removing Fauci from the head of NIAID (The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) and replacing him with someone the senate choose.

They speak many points where Fauci has lied or endorsed wrong solutions despite clear evidence. First of which being the use of face masks. During the press conference, Marjorie's coworkers emphasise the fact that masks so little to protect us. Decades worth of research has show that masks do nothing to protect us, and could actually help the transmission of diseases.

Fauci's emails show him contradicting himself and various other proven concepts. At the start of the Plandemic, many scientists had stated that masks do little. However, Fauci then goes on to mandate masks - they aren't even good for our health. At the start of the Plandemic, only ADULTS with medical conditions (like obesity) and the elderly were seriously at risk of infection. Now, a year later, everyone is at risk. Children as young as toddlers are being tested and possibly vaccinated. Fauci had even told the US President (Trump at the time) that MILLIONS were going to die. However, in his personal emails, he had said that the death rate was in the "several hundred thousand". Trump, as well as many others, were labelled as a racist for even questioning the fact that COVID-19 could have originated from the Wuhan laboratory. Speculating this theory was heavily censored online.

fire fauci

The CDC and WHO had both been accused of covering up the fact that the virus could've originated in China. Both of these being major organisations who the public have placed their faith in.

The group then start talking about vaccines. They state that we, as a public body, need to have our privacy back. We shouldn't be shamed on the basis of whether we have taken an experimental vaccine or not. According to many studies, people that have been vaccinated have the same immunity as people that have recovered from the disease (COVID-19). People like us, with "outlandish" views, have been preaching this from the very start. Instead of fear-mongering, like what the government is doing currently, why don't we help the public build their immunity. Why isn't the public getting help to build their physical and mental health?

The disease is then labelled as a biological weapon - something we don't hear too often. However, it is speculated that the COVID-19 DNA is a product of genetic engineering. People (whether in Wuhan, China or not) have got a disease that was only communicable through bats and other creatures. They then genetically modified this disease so it affects humans too.

Obviously, a major change like firing a "trusted" figure in America's politics could easily start global change. Share the clip - let's do something big.

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