Saudi Arabia Bans Unvaccinated People From Almost all Public Spaces

16 June 2021

In Saudi Arabia, unvaccinated individuals are going to be banned from entering malls. This is starting from 1st August 2021. In order to get into the malls, you must have vaccination with at least one dose against COVID-19, says the Ministery of Commerce Spokesman Abdulrahman Al-Hussein. As well as this, you must be vaccinated in order to basically live life. To attend sporting and entertainment events, participate in cultural activities, and enter various private and public establishments you have to be vaccinated.

saudi arabia

The basic plan of the Ministry of Commerce in Hajj is going to be based on two aspects. The first aspect is working on abundance and supply. The second being the control of products and following up on everything related to the Hajj. Abdulrahman Al-Hussein had pointed out that dressing rooms in Saudi Arabia have been reopened and touchscreens are allowed to be used in all shops, malls and commercial centers. Of course, this is while they ensure that people are disinfecting continuously and socially distancing.

The fact that you can't do much without the COVID vaccine just adds the pressure of getting jabbed. Without this untested vaccine, you can't live life.


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