The AstraZeneca Vaccine Suggested being Dropped for all Ages

17 June 2021

One of the main companies that have created a vaccine is "AstraZeneca' - you may have heard of it. The COVID-19 vaccine has been rushed. Getting any other vaccine finished usually takes ten YEARS. Forget one and a half. Some believe that the AstraZeneca vaccine should be ditched for all ages. Many European countries have put restrictions on the jab - limiting it to those over 60 years old.

astrazeneca vaccine

Italy has once again restricted the companies vaccine to people 60 and older. An eighteen-year-old had died from a brain hemorrhage and blood clots. The surgeon that had worked on her had said he had "never seen a brain reduced in those conditions so extensive and severe...from the picture I saw of that girl's head, it is clear we are facing something not normal". This untested vaccine is clearly affecting people negatively. Some are fainting straight after having the vaccine while others suffer from these blood clots.

On top of this, another side effect of the companies vaccine has been identified. This side effect is called 'Capillary Leak Syndrome'. Which is where the capillaries (small blood vessels) leak fluid. This causes swelling in the body as well as the thickening of the blood.

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