COVID Modelling Used to Extend Lockdown is Out-of-Date

19 June 2021

It is said that COVID models that were used to extend the lockdown is out-of-date information. It's claimed Boris Johnson may have been aware the data may have been flawed - before telling the nation restrictions must continue on.

Under the most pessimistic scenario, Imperial College boffins said there could be 203,824 fatalities within the next 12 months. But it's claimed the study used dated information.

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Academics worked on the basis that the AstraZeneca jab would reduce hospital admissions by between 77 and 87 per cent after two doses, while other studies put the figure at between 81 and 90 per cent. However, we all know how much the vaccine has affected people. With it getting restricted to older people in Europe due to the disgusting side effects.

With the COVID deaths decreasing and NATURAL immunity building, there are more people that don't have to be hospitalised. So, using previous data to create a scenario for today. While people test positive (by the inaccurate PCR tests) the number of deaths remains low. Only one per cent of NHS hospital beds are being used because of COVID cases. Who says we can trust the death numbers? If you die any time after testing positive, you'll be counted as a COVID death.

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