The COVID Passport May Be Returning

22 June 2021

The government keeps on changing their minds about whether they want to introduce the COVID passport. It is said that using the COVID passport could keep pubs open. As we all know, pubs are a massive part of the UK's culture, you can find pubs just about anywhere. It's almost a sort of bribery - "If you use the COVID passport, we'll let you go into pubs".

Boris has warned that although it's "looking good" at the moment, we could easily be facing a "rough winter". Don't we always have issues during the winter? COVID is just another small bug.

covid passport uk

Opinions on the COVID Passport

Earlier in the plandemic, the idea of the passports fell through as MPs and parts of the hospitality sector gave the government backlash. Forcing people to get vaccinated in order to have normal lives again is just cruel. Rather than people needing to get tested before an event, they would need to prove they've gotten a vaccine shot through this passport.

Many Tory MPs have warned that they will vote against the use of COVID passports for pubs. However, ministers believe that opposition may soften if the alternative is the closure of sections of the economy. How about we realise the COVID-19 isn't that deadly of a virus to the average person?

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