Experts Affirm Children Will Have Weakened Immune Systems

23 June 2021

Scientists have now made a fantastic discovery that children's immune systems are weakened due to lockdown. It's fairly obvious though, right..?

Young children have not been able to go out of the house and build up resistance to common bugs - which is now going to leave them vulnerable. Contact with pathogens happens so often. Exposure to these pathogens helps to strengthen the immune system should you ever come into contact with the same bug again.

children will have weakened immune systems

Virologists are concerned about a particular virus in children under the age of one. RSV - a virus that can cause serious lung infections (that leads to hospital admission and even death). Before COVID ruined the world, it is said that most children would have encountered most seasonal viruses before they had turned 18 months. Obviously, now things are different.

Scientists are worried that if life begins to go back to pre-Covid normality, respiratory viruses that typically circulate every winter will return alongside the coronavirus. Is this their plot to reduce the population more??

“I would think that it would be a good idea to maybe combine a flu vaccine with a booster dose of the [Covid] vaccine,” said Irving. Efforts to develop a Covid-flu combination vaccine are already underway. So now they want to make another rushed and untested vaccine. They're going to demolish our immune systems

In my opinion, the fact that our immune systems will be weakened is extremely obvious. However, the "experts" just figured it out now.

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