Moderna Representative Admits that EVERYONE is a Part of the Clinical Trial

23 June 2021

A vaccine injured woman had called Moderna, one of the companies that are offering the COVID-19 jab. A representative of the company had then talked to the woman.

The Moderna representative had said that they've seen cases like hers and didn't even seem surprised by it. The vaccine injured lady had said that both Moderna and Pfizer hadn't reported anyone getting Guillain Barre syndrome despite the fact that she had got it - and two others that were in the hospital with her.

vaccine moderna

The representative had been recorded admitting that everyone who takes the vaccine are part of the medical trials. Even though they have stated that the vaccines are proven to work, unknowing people are being tested on. They are still gathering information on the vaccine for both the short and long-term effects.

They know what's happening to us, yet they're doing nothing about it.

See the original video here.

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