Norway says you have a Greater Risk of Dying from the AstraZeneca Vaccine Than COVID-19

25 June 2021

In Norway, the statistics have shown that people have a greater risk of dying from the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine rather than the disease itself. While waiting for the final verdict on the vaccine, Norway has decided to offload their stock of AstraZeneca to other Nordic countries that want to use them. Hopefully, they'll realise that the vaccine is potentially no good.

The FHI has stressed that the vaccine puts younger women at an unnecessary risk. As well as this, they are against offering the vaccine on a voluntary basis. “We believe that such an alternative may appear unethical and with a high risk that those who make such a choice have not fully understood the risk to which they are exposed,” the institute said.

astrazeneca vaccine norway

The FHI did a survey with Mindshare and Norstat. The survey had stated that 76% of the people were sceptical about at least one of the vaccines. AstraZeneca had the highest level of scepticism - with 99% of people having doubts about their vaccine.

Even the US is planning to dump 60 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines on India to help us fight COVID-19. These AstraZeneca vaccines however is unapproved for use in the US and hence the unwanted stock is being offloaded on Indians.

We have seen many cases where people have had severe side effects from the vaccine. Such as lethal blood clotting, capillary leak syndrome, heart inflammation and more. Why would such a "harmless" vaccine have these horrendous side effects? COVID-19 has been severely blown out of proportion. This is a cold-like virus that most people recover from. However, there have been people that have developed Guillain-Barre - not knowing if they'll ever walk again.

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