AstraZeneca is now has Human Trials for Another Vaccine

29 June 2021

AstraZeneca is now working with the University of Oxford to start human trials with the COVID-19 vaccine for a specific variant. This study includes 2,250 participants to build immunity with the beta variant. This vaccine will also be administered as a booster to people who were vaccinated with the original AstraZeneca vaccine or the mRNA jab. Provided that it has been three months since their last jab.

astrazeneca oxford vaccine beta variant

Data from this trial is expected later this year. However, normal vaccine trials take almost 10 years to complete. There has been little-to-no thorough testing beforehand. People in this trial are basically lab rats.

Britain is now talking with AstraZeneca to purchase doses of the new vaccine once it has been modified to target the "beta variant".


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