Lisbon Court Rules That Only 0.9% of ‘Verified Cases’ Died of Covid-19

4 July 2021

Lisbon Court in Portugal has ruled that only 0.9% of 'verified' COVID-19 cases had actually died of COVID-19. The government had claimed 17,000 Portuguese deaths. However, this true figure seems to be totalling at 152.

A citizen started a petition and a court in Lisbon were forced to provide verified date on the mortalities. The data is from the Sistema de Informação dos Certificados de Óbito (Death Certificate Information System – SICO) in Portugal. All of the other deaths (the 99.1%) were are a result of an unrelated reason - many of them having tested positive on PCR tests. This further emphasises the fact that they are unreliable.

covid-19 deaths

A number of large lawsuits are set to take place for those who were responsible for the COVID deception and pushing the vaccine agenda.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich set up the Corona Investigative Committee, which has concluded that the alleged Covid-19 pandemic is an agenda that has been planned for at least ten years. He said: “The final result they [World Economic Forum] wanted to arrive at was to get everyone vaccinated. But it isn’t even a vaccine. It’s an experimental gene therapy that has never been tested.”


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