Boris Johnson to announce end of social distancing and face mask rules today

5 July 2021

Boris Johnson, the UK's Prime Minister, is set to announce the end of social distancing and the wearing of face masks. He is saying that people must "exercise judgement" when Covid restrictions such as wearing face masks and social distancing are scrapped from July 19.

face masks

He will give a 5pm press conference after Health Secretary Sajid Javid updates MPs in the Commons. Mr Javid's update will be at 3.30pm or later depending on the Parliamentary diary.

While we get some of our freedoms back for the time being, I'm sure they'll be gone again in time for the third wave. Flu season is coming which means more false positives - more 'COVID cases'. As well as this, the vaccine agenda will be further pushed - people get vaccinated, they get to keep their freedoms.


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