COVID Passports ‘will be compulsory in pubs, clubs and restaurants’

10 July 2021

We have come to a time where customers will require a COVID passport/COVID-19 certificate in order to enter restaurants, pubs and bars in the Autumn season.

This is following the same cycle that the government seems to live by - they state one thing and do something else. The government had said that they weren't going to go down the route of using the passports but now they're going to come into use soon. As for the matter that we won't be allowed into bars, pubs and restaurants, soon enough, that will apply to many other places. Who knows, maybe we won't be able to go anywhere without the COVID passports.

Getting our freedoms back after this scheme comes into play is going to be very difficult. Once freedoms and rights are taken away, are they given back?

covid passports vaccine passports

Why is the Government bringing the COVID passports back to the table?

The government's excuse for considering the COVID passports once again is that they want to increase vaccine uptake amongst the younger people. Is this just another way to bribe people into taking the vaccine? You take the vaccine, and you can live a "normal" life again.

More reason for the government to go down this route is the supposed "fourth wave" that's coming. First of all, the tests they use for COVID cases is flawed. PCR tests can not differentiate between infectious and non-infectious strains. As well as this, it doesn't take into account whether the genetic material is living or dead. This means a lot of false positives. However, cases without any new hospital admissions or deaths doesn't mean anything. What data is the government basing this fourth wave off of? Before the COVID-19 plandemic, everyone came under the weather in the winter season - flu season/a little cold. Now, the government is going to try to convince us that it's this deadly virus - that a vast majority of people recover from.


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