General Vivek Murthy has declared a war on misinformation - Silencing the Truthers

16 July 2021

General Vivek Murthy has declared a war on misinformation. This misinformation, however, is us truthers trying to spread awareness. He says that it is an "imminent and insidious threat to our nations health". They ate going to partner with Big Tech - Facebook, Google, Microsoft and more, in order to stop people from realising the truth.

Murthy states that misinformation prevents people from making informed decisions. However, why can't people choose their own opinions on this matter? Controversial discussions have come and gone multiple times across social media. Why is it that when the vaccine is questioned, we're silenced. We cannot question it.

He also talks about how misinformation has lead people to choose to no longer have the vaccine. These people have seen what the vaccine truly does. What true corruption there is. And these officials are trying to blind us.

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