Now that mandatory vaccination is a fact, will your children be next?

22 July 2021

For over a year these so-called conspiracy theorists told you that your freedoms will be impacted if you don't get jabbed. Obviously, everyone laughed at them. But then with the announcement by Boris Johnson for medical apartheid UK, everything is becoming real. Freedom day came and went without any real freedoms being given and more dictatorship on the horizon.

A year ago sheeple agreed with ideals of freedom of choice, my body my choice, the jab not being mandatory/compulsory. A year of brainwashing and they believe getting jabbed is the virtuous thing to do. How far we fall in such a short space of time.

In the immediate future, we have care workers that will be sacked if they don't get double jabbed and pharmaceutical companies that will get fatter from selling you boosters, variant boosters, seasonal boosters, god knows what next boosters.

With the Introduction of the Covid Passport, they will have access to peoples details and movements. The awakened community said don't put on the mask or it will be mandatory. It did. Don't take the vaccine or they will come for your kids. This next bit is being played out as we speak. The 12-15 years olds are first and then the next.

Here is a video of Sara-jane telling you how it is:


Leeds Rally

Sara-jane will be speaking on 24th July 2021 in Leeds, UK. Here is the Information for you to share.

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