Russian Doctor Warns About the Evils of the Vaccine

27 July 2021

For whoever understands Russian please listen and share. This is a clip, that was sent to us, of a Russian doctor in an oncological department that warns her friend about what's going on:


  • All doctors she works with know about the harm of vaccine and they are not taking it. They don't speak out as the would be have problems with authority. Those very few medical workers that take the shot are looked at as they lost their minds.
  • All people that they know that got the vaccine have either died, became disabled, developed cancer shortly after receiving the vaccine (during 6 months). Those who are still fine will start having problems with health soon too(she says in August). The difference of time is dependant on the strength of immunity and hormonal balance of each individual as the shot disables completely the immunity and hormonal production. That's the only thing that keeps some people running for longer, but harmful effects will be experienced without exception by those that submitted to the premeditated genocidal shot.
  • All Russian vaccines without exception are produced in China and India. They are developed/formulated in Russia, but sent to those to foreign countries for production. She also mentioned that then they are sent to USA for some checks before they are delivered to Russia.
  • Every day she finds out things that shock her and make her have nightmares every night.
  • She thought they would leave the children and pregnant alone as they would want to have fresh generation that would be educated accordingly but was suprised to find out that they are going after children too, they are reducing the population drastically.
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