Pakistan to ban air travel for the unvaccinated, public sector, education, malls from August 1

31 July 2021

Pakistan is to ban air travel for anyone without a COVID-19 vaccine certificate from August 1. Also, anyone that is working in the public sector will be required to get vaccinated by Aug. 31.

If you are Unvaccinated then you will no longer be allowed to enter government offices, schools, restaurants and shopping malls, said Asad Umar, who heads National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC), a military-run body that oversees the pandemic response, at a joint news conference with the health minister in Islamabad.

According to the NCOC - “We can’t put our children’s lives at risk just because that you’re not ready to get the vaccine.” The NCOC has said the Delta, Beta, and Alpha variants of the virus have all been detected in Pakistan since May.

So, it seems that they are citing protecting the children even though it is known that statistically, children have greater immunity to covid than other age groups.

Pakistan is almost at vaccine medical apartheid and does not provide any Informed consent to its citizens. There is no balanced information on the positive and negative side effects of a vaccine, that is still in its trial phase, that the government and vaccine manufacturers have no liability against vaccine Injury or death.


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