Irish Government Admits COVID-19 Does NOT Exist

7 August 2021

After months of requests under the freedom of information act to the Irish government, they have finally come clean and admitted that it has no scientific proof that the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) exists. Which other nations are going to be next and admit this pandemic was a scam?

Gemma O’Doherty, an investigative journalist, has been demanding evidence that this virus actually exists. She also demanded evidence that lockdowns actually have any impact on the spread of viruses; that face-masks are safe and do deter the spread of viruses. The conclusion is that they don't and there have not been any studies that can prove this.

This is the original letter response that they received:

Check out the video below that was live-streamed:


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2 comments on “Irish Government Admits COVID-19 Does NOT Exist”

  1. I saw this last year and was aware of the scam, but these reporters are worth their weight in gold, and you as a publisher are the same, well done and carry on the good work, who would have thought that over half of a world population would be a complicit walking jab factory that has been told they are still not immune, but you now need to berate others to join this very same club......well done and we will win this.

  2. Misconstruing the response from your Department of Health is poor journalism. Your knowledge of vaccines is lacking. Accusing people of being psychopaths and out to kill millions is nasty and baseless. The SARS-COV2 virus genome has been sequenced, it is in some vaccines in inactive form, new strains have been sequenced, so obviously it has been isolated, many times and in many places. You must know this. Your agenda is sinister, if you have to distort things so much to promote it. Who is paying you to do this?