Testing Centres Admit They Can't Test for the Delta Variant

9 August 2021

The new flavour of the month is the COVD-19 Delta Variant. Possibly Delta Plus. It's hard to keep up with the fiction, sorry, I mean facts. Talking about facts here is an interesting story for you. Tim Truth called around busy testing centres asking if he could be tested for the Delta variant.

He gets told that the machines will pick up if you have COVID-19, but it can not tell you what variant it is. This is in line with the capabilities of the PCR-RT test or the rapid flow test. It can tell you if there is some DNA present but can not tell you ANYTHING further.

Presently, Governments around the world are scaring you into another lockdown which will probably come into force in the next few weeks. If they can not tell the variant, why are they telling us to lockdown again?


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