Does Covid-19 Exist as it has Never Been Isolated, Purified, Sequenced, or Characterised

11 August 2021

Stew Peters discusses with Jane Ruby how Fauci will now begin to provide vaccine alternatives, whilst we are all are STILL being rushed to get vaccinated. Another elephant in the room is the fact that to date, the virus has not been proven to exist as it has never been isolated, purified, sequenced, characterised, and therefore has not been proven to exist.

Koch's postulates is a standard to define a virus which Covid-19 has NEVER satisfied:

  • The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.
  • The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture.
  • The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.
  • The microorganism must be reisolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent.

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