The COVID "Vaccine" Is Still in Clinical Trials. No, REALLY!

11 August 2021

One of the reasons that many people do not want the covid-19 vaccine is because it is in clinical trials. Still, many believe this to be false "How can they treat us like lab rats?" Well, due to popular demand, please find below the direct links to the vaccine studies showing the end dates. The vaccines have NOT been approved and still are in clinical trials.

Your government, vaccine manufacturer, doctor, and nurse are not liable for any "adverse" reactions to might have - Including death. They are only authorised to be used in an emergency case and remain unlicensed. If the emergency was called off, the government could not LEGALLY Inject you with a vaccine that is still in its trial phase.

Covid-19 Clinical Trial End Dates

Pfizer vaccine

Still in clinical trials until May 2023

Moderna vaccine

Still in clinical trials until June 2024

AstraZeneca vaccine

Still in clinical trials until February 2023

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