Remeece Slams Vaccination Bus for Propaganda and for Targetting Black People

13 August 2021

Remeece, a music artist, recorded himself slamming a vaccination bus for propaganda and targeting black people. A simple question was ask to the bus - Is the vaccine safe? The obliging dumbass woman on-board proceeded to confirm that it was safe. "My man" was not satisfied with an off the cuff answer that puts us and our children at such grave risk.

Remeece asks "Are these figures manufactured?" referring to the MHRA Yellow card scheme. The pro-vax people on the bus were not Interested, unaware of the scheme and simply called it propaganda.

It was questioned if she was a doctor and that he was only looking for answers as these people are getting a pay packet for jabbing you. They did not have an answer for anything - vaccine safety, spike protein, clinical trials, host cells, or vaccine immunity.

These people just want you blindly jabbed and ready for the health passport and a social credit system like China. They didn't care why the government wanted black people should to get the vaccine FIRST or why Astrazenica is banned in 23 countries. Check out the video and well-done Remeece.


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