Healthcare Workers - STAND YOUR GROUND With Regards to the VACCINE!

14 August 2021

Here is a message that got sent to us. To summarise it, healthcare workers that are worried about losing their job if they don't take the vaccine should stand their ground. You have far more power in your numbers than you realise. Keep united. Keep strong!

Dear Healthcare Workers,

I currently work as a compensation consultant in human resources for a major health system. Compensation consultants are intimately involved in the hiring of new employees. We oftentimes are consulted to assist with appropriate pay for new hires. Being in this position gives me a little bit more insight than the average person in regards to the current labour market for the healthcare industry. 

Here's what they don't want you to know. You as a healthcare employee have way more power at this current moment than you will ever realize. There is a massive labour shortage in the healthcare industry, and leaders from different departments are freaking out. I see it every single day. I constantly hear, if this person leaves, it will shut down our entire department. We are currently being forced to take drastic measures to try to retain our employees. 

The moral of the story is that they cannot afford to lose a massive amount of people. It will literally shut them down. STAND YOUR GROUND WITH THE VACCINE!! You have more power than you realize and they cannot afford to lose you.

Under no circumstances will I take the vaccine. I will lose my job if necessary. Stand by your convictions and do what you know is right. 

Please share this message with anyone that you can. My hope is that this will reach enough people that we can make a difference in this war.

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