Samsung Pay will store your COVID-19 vaccination records on your phone

19 August 2021

When we think of vaccination records we think of "Green Pass" "NHS Pass" and other apps. Now, Samsung will soon allow customers to store their COVID-19 vaccination digital records straight on their Galaxy smartphone. There are other mechanisms that Google is working on but this particular method utilises Samsung Pay.

Samsung has partnered with The Commons Project, a health care data organization, to allow vaccination records to be digitally stored for Samsung Pay customers.

In order to store the Information, you need the CommonHealth app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app is used to authenticate end-users COVID-19 vaccination records. After successful authentication, the details are added to Samsung Pay.

When will COVID-19 vacination records come to your Galaxy devices?

This new Pay feature is reportedly being rolled out and tested to a small number of devices as part of a pilot run. This small trial is thought to be very short-lived as the plans are to bring vaccination records to every Samsung Pay customer before the end of the week.

There is currently no news if this will be transferable to Samsung Pay on Samsung watches.

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