The Crisis in Afghanistan - Let's Ask Some questions?

20 August 2021

Afghanistan is a country that we have heard little about over the last 20 years. Suddenly, in the mainstream media, it is plastered from wall to wall and there is little else to be heard. In fact, the virus is even playing second fiddle to this news at the moment. (?)

There are many questions to be asked about Afghanistan. What has the US been doing in the country for the last 20 years that has seemingly caused it to collapse into mayhem? What were the US objectives going in and come out of the country?

Of all the footage that is coming out of the country, there are some things that don't sit well. Here is a video created by Tiana Khalid where she is asking a question or two about a particular video from Afghanistan. It's the one where everyone is apparently clambering all over a plane in an effort to escape the country.


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One comment on “The Crisis in Afghanistan - Let's Ask Some questions?”

  1. I totally agree with you, about the dummy plane, Tiana! Comparing the real one with the one featured in the MSM last week there are several glaring inconsistencies. The doors near the front are barely discernible compared to the real ones, also if you look inside the engine nacelles, there are no engines, just a black hole. It looks to me like the dummy plane was being pushed and pulled down the runway! Yet another false flag operation to stir up a reaction from the press and world leaders!