University becomes first in the UK to ban unvaccinated students

20 August 2021

A university has become the first in ther UK to ban students from living on campus grounds if they have not been vaccinated. Hartpury University and College have warned its students that it will be a “mandatory requirement” for them to prove that they have been jabbed at least once, according to a report in the Telegraph.

Also, from September, unvaccinated students will not be able to take part in any sports or social activities.

In a letter sent to students and parents on August 16, Claire Whitworth, vice-principal at Hartpury University and College, wrote: “Our expectation is that all eligible students will engage and take up their vaccinations as soon as they are given the opportunity.

“The vaccine protects you, protects others, and will allow us all to lead a ‘new normal' life, including the best possible Hartpury experience."

This will be a bitter pill for any students that do not want to get jabbed for now or forever but will be cornered as they might already have signed up for their accommodation. We already know that the jab can not stop you from getting the virus, passing the virus to others, or dying from the virus - so, critical thinkers ask why get the jab in the first place? And what is this drivel about getting back to 'new normal life'? As we can see the current jab can not achieve that.

Some universities in the US have already made vaccinations mandatory. Quinnipiac University in Connecticut warned students that they would be fined weekly for failing to provide their vaccine documentation. They would also be unable to access WiFi.

The old carrot and stick approach to health. WTF?

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