Australian Anti-Lockdown Protestors Clash With Police For Their Rights

21 August 2021

Apparently, hundreds of people were arrested after clashes between anti-lockdown protesters, who are sick to death of being caged up, and police in Australia's two largest cities.

The Australian government believe in harsh lockdown rules where people have very limited reasons to leave the house under a 22-hour curfew. They believe: "The best way we can look forward to freedom is by making sure that we get vaccinated." A vaccination program that does not stop you from getting the virus, becoming ill from the virus or passing the virus on to anyone else. What a joke?

Melbourne's public health orders in Victoria told people to stay home, but frustrated and disillusioned protestors took to the streets even though they knew there was a good chance of getting arrested.

In Sydney the Police dispatched more than 1,500 personnel into the city, setting up roadblocks and making dozens of arrests as around 250 gathered there, NSW Police said.


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