FRANCE - People Not Allowed into Supermarkets Without "Covid Passports"

21 August 2021

Yesterday, we posted a video of Supermarkets in France that are hiring security guards to keep unvaccinated out. Today, another video has emerged of people not being allowed into supermarkets without "Covid Passports". Well, In France they are actually called Health Passport.

This is an alarming situation for anyone to be in. Not being able to buy the bare necessities of life, food, personal items, nappies, everything that we need unless the state dictates you to be Injected.

People say this will never happen. Well, it is happening and what will you say when it happens in your town? Will you agree that everyone should be jabbed with a vaccine that people are already dying from? No personal choice? Do you own your body or does the state?

Think quick as you haven't got long.


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