French Police Beat a Woman Who Entered a Mall Without a Vaccine Passport

6 September 2021

Day by day we are presented with the ugly face of tyranny and the new world nazi order. Here is a video of a couple of women that are beaten by the French Police for daring to enter a shopping mall without a vaccine passport. The fact that you can still get the virus, pass on the virus, and die from the virus means the vaccine passports are useless.

Because your digital friend, the vaccine passport, has not given you the go-ahead to enter a building means you deserve to be beaten? What futuristic hell-hole are we living in?

In every country of the world, your compliance is giving the tyrants the tools they need to further restrict your life and livelihood. The unthinkable is happening right now and it's sad to know that this all stops when we say "enough is enough." Check out the video below to see what your future will look like.


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