Afghanistan - Follow the Money and the Lies

8 September 2021

America spent $2.26 Trillion dollars in the besieged country of Afghanistan or $300 Million dollars a DAY for two decades! Now, that the saviour allies are pulling out we need to look at what exactly has transpired there over the last 20 years. You can tell the truth of most tales by following the money and this situation is no different.

Follow the money back to America

Below is a video that summarises the tale of the money, lies, and what you should know.

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0 comments on “Afghanistan - Follow the Money and the Lies”

  1. Ok, sure- many profited financially and it failed in the end, but that does not mean money was the only or even the main motive. That is too simplistic to explain this war. Even if there were lies, profiteering and corruption (as there is everywhere), the idea of freeing a nation from horrible violent tyrants is noble, even if naïve. There were mixed motives, as always.

    The failure was due not to the war machine making money but due to humanistic hubris, thinking that man has the answer to its social and political woes. The world does not need democracy first, it needs Jesus first - then democracy can work. It's the only reason the republic in the US worked for so long (starting with the Great Awakening of colonial days). But now that the US as a whole has rejected Christ, it will destroy itself by its own corruption, sin and pride.

    But fear not- for if Christ is indeed risen, then those individuals who have faith in His name will not meet the same fate. That is, those who have a faith that is real enough to be acted upon.