Funeral Director John O'Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid

19 September 2021

A funeral director, John O'Looney, based in Milton Keynes, UK, has gone on the record and whistle blown on exactly what has transpired during the covid-19 plandemic. In November 2019, he saw how the country was getting ready to go into government-led hysteria. At that point, he was a firm covid-19 believer.

Over the course of 2020, John and other funeral directors didn't see an increase in deaths. There are other anomalies that made John suspect the official rhetoric.

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8 comments on “Funeral Director John O'Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid”

  1. I'm a retired science teacher living in Nelson, New Zealand. Thanks so much for your brave public statement. Such is the grip Big Pharma has on government and media that legal processes have no chance. They have gone so far there is no stepping back. However, such is the apathy, naivete and gullibility of people that only when most people know someone who has died post-jab, or knows someone who knows someone who has, will people take to the streets.

  2. Mr o'Looney deserves to be commended for speaking out what a brave decent guy.
    My healthy bro in law supposedly contracted covid 10 days after being vaccinated and after a stay in hospital died. My children begged me not to have the vaccination from the start and I haven't (thank God) and I've worked in a supermarket directly next door to a hospital for all but 3 months of the pandemic despite being 54 and a smoker I've been fine.This is definitely the powers that be at work, like my lovely mum used to say "they need a war every few years to keep the population down.

  3. John O'Looney, YOU ARE A LEGEND.
    Balls of steel and real integrity, thank you for being a warrior and for doing what's right. For fighting back, love you good man. It's getting out there.

  4. Being pressured to take the 2 mainly because of my job . I won't let my child have it. I have faith in God so prayed I be ok before and after. Im praying the mrna leaves my body or research how to detox vit out. Has a few people nag me to take booster dont want it too many friends and family praise the jab but I known as a consporacist. Its NWO coming as a Christian I believe its the end of timrs

  5. Been pressured in to it twice i didn't want it mainly have to coz of work . Having christain belief i prayed before and after for bad stuff to go away praise the Lord 5 months in nothing . My son mot having it. Got friends and family who love it a few i had to distance from i believe they be sneaking it in through back door. May God be with Australia right now as its barbaric what they r doing to them

  6. God Bless Your Courage. You resonate what so many people are saying, but cannot get it out to make a difference. God remove the demons from this world who have unleashed this hell on humanity & are prospering from it.