Dawson Creek Health Practitioner Gina Goad Educates the Mayor About The Vaccine

22 September 2021

Dawson creek health practitioner Gina Goad educates the local Mayor at Dawson Creek about the vaccine. This was at a special meeting on 02 September 2021.

She discusses the Nuremberg code, misinformation, and the genetic experiment - which is widely referred to as a vaccine, which it simply Isn't. The Nuremberg code is there to protect us and has been largely forgotten because of the government and media-induced hysteria. It is there to protect the people

A foreign substance that can insert itself, and possibly permanently insert itself, into the DNA of a human being is unheard of but strangely accepted in these troubling times.

Gina discusses VAERS, which is a reporting system in the US, and how 13,000 people have reportedly died from the vaccine. You have to keep in mind that only 1% of cases are logged in VAERS, so the true figure may be closer to 130,000. As we know from our whistleblower friends like Jodi O'Malley much of what is going on is ignored or brushed under the carpet.

I think I've talked enough, on to the video....


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2 comments on “Dawson Creek Health Practitioner Gina Goad Educates the Mayor About The Vaccine”

  1. Seemed like a “rational” speaker, calm and also a graduate of the Evelyn Wood School
    of speed talking. Gina Goad is not a micro biologist but Gina does have a bachelor’s degree in biology which is dramatically different. Gina does bill herself as clairvoyant which is how she made the leap to the Nuremberg Code in a city council meeting.