Hear a Nurses Dilemma: Jab, Job, Food for her Children?

30 September 2021

Ontario, Canada - A story of a long-serving nurse, Rebecca Quinnell, with 15 years of hands-on experience, who has faced some difficult decisions during the situation we are currently all in - the Plandemic.

Those of us who are awake of course, now know that this virus is not so deadly, but was merely a tool for the pushing of the poison vaccines upon the population. A vaccine that not only doesn’t prevent you from spreading it, but also doesn’t stop you from still catching it. Apart from that, many people have unfortunately suffered serious life-changing side effects. Many people have also died after taking it, but this information is being hidden from the general public.

This nurse, who is also the mother of three children, is now facing a traumatic dilemma, with a choice of accepting the vaccine or losing her job. She has obviously witnessed at first hand what is going on with this jab and she knows that it’s poison, but she also has three kids to support on her own. Vaccinated or not, we are all human, and you can’t help but have sympathy for this woman.

Many people have succumbed to the propaganda put out by the government surrounding this virus, backed up by mainstream media, who happen to be owned by the elites with a vested interest in propagating this agenda. People have been literally frightened out of their wits by being constantly told how deadly and contagious this virus is. They have accepted the wearing of masks and two doses of the vaccine, purely out of fear of their own mortality. You can see the fear in their eyes when they encounter a maskless person, and you wonder whether these poor souls will ever be free of this fear again.

Listen to her story below:


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4 comments on “Hear a Nurses Dilemma: Jab, Job, Food for her Children?”

  1. This is a horrible violation of our bodily autonomy. The government and health officials are psychopaths who are run by psychopaths who doesn’t care about the general population at all. This is poison which I have no intention of getting ever. The masses can only stop this and no one else.

  2. It is a Satan plan to destroy man-kind, hope u have accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour, and ask him to provide and protect. He prefer to save his own people first, who ask him humbly.

  3. From Toronto.
    I will keep fighting for folks like you because we are fortunate at the time.
    I'm 65 and my parents came to Canada for freedom from their
    Armageddon in Europe.
    We won't JABBING ourselves and lucky we don't have to make your decision.

  4. It is rape. Those in power are raping us and we are just standing by and allowing it to happen. Bravo world.