Swine Flu: Gross Medical Fraud Uncovered Way Back in 1976

8 October 2021

A sick dress rehearsal for the genocidal Covid mayhem currently playing out globally. These three video reports, listed below, give disturbing & extremely revealing insights into how we got where we are today in October 2021.

The failed 1976 mass ‘pandemic’ reveals itself as a clumsy attempt to promote the fake ‘swine flu’ as a deadly virus, which only a magic vaccine could cure. Sound familiar?

The revolting Dr Fauci takes centre stage with his practised, fake trustworthy face on - to strike fear into the hearts & minds of people everywhere. Create the problem. Provide the solution. Well worth watching these remarkably well put together videos (around 14 mins each) to realise how much planning has been going on in the intervening 45 years. 45 years of bribing, corrupting, concealing, lying, stealthily taking over global media, infiltrating governments & the medical establishment to ensure complete mind control over gullible people.




Who’d have guessed there would be so many immediately obedient compliers? Fortunately, significant groups of people worldwide are totally immune to the nonsensical deadly virus narrative being peddled, & growing numbers are rising up against the planned global takeover. Change is in the air! Sadly, much harm has already been done, but it’s important to remember, out of darkness comes light; and the darkest hour comes just before the dawn.

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