Pfizer are now able to SILENCE GOVERNMENTS!

24 October 2021

Pfizer is bullying countries in order for them to submit to their demands. Just eight months ago they asked to be compensated for the cost of any future lawsuit. They wanted Argentina to put their bank reservers, its military bases and their embassy buildings as collateral. In Brazil, four main demands had been mentioned.

These were:

  1. Brazil waive sovereignty of its assets abroad in favour of Pfizer
  2. That the rules of the land do not apply to the company
  3. That Brazil takes into consideration a delay in delivery (of vaccines)
  4. That Pfizer is not penalised for a delayed delivery
  5. In case of any side effects, Pfizer is exempt from all civil liability
pfizer vaccine

Now, since then, the corrupt company is still putting profits above anything else. An advocacy group has now accessed private contracts between the vaccine company and numerous governments. The details of which are shocking. Here are the six main points worth highlighting:

  1. Pfizer has the right to silence governments
  2. They are able to control the donations of the COVID shots
  3. Pfizer has secured an IP Waiver for itself
    • If the company is accused of intellectual property theft, the governments will have to pay rather than the company itself.
  4. If there are disputes, private arbitrators will resolve them in private
    • What about letting the public knowing about what's going on?
  5. The company can go after state assets in order to get their compensation

About the first point, the governments aren't even allowed to talk about their deal with the company unless they've been authorised by the corrupt company. They've somehow weaved their way to silence THE GOVERNMENT.


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