FDA Coming to Vaccinate 5 - 11 Year Olds!

28 October 2021

The panel of advisers to the FDA are now recommending that they authorise vaccinate children from the ages of 5 - 11. Typically, the FDA tends to follow the advice it's given - so it is most likely that the vaccine jab of young children will go through.

Remember at the start of the plandemic where children weren't at risk of contracting COVID-19. It was mainly the elderly (80+). Now, they came to vaccinate the teenagers. When that passed, they've started going for the younger kids. But they're not at risk? Why would this make sense?

vaccinate children

The slight debate to vaccinate kids

Several people opposed to the authorisation testified during a public comment period, citing cases of vaccine-related side effects. They maintained that children don't get sick as often as adults and that the possible risks of side effects outweigh whatever benefits might accrue. BUT THE CHILDREN DON'T GET AS SICK AS OFTEN AS ADULTS?

The committee discussed concerns about a higher frequency of myocarditis seen in adolescents who've gotten the Pfizer vaccine.

"It's always nerve-wracking, I think when you are asked to make a decision for millions based only on studies of a few thousand children," said committee member Paul Offit, a paediatrician at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Only a few thousand children - we are the test subjects.

Apparently, the vaccine for children will be made of a different formula - so it's not going to be made of fetal cells? Many are said to be anxious to get their children jabbed with an experimental DNA therapy that is still in its trial phase. Paediatricians, who are supposed to care for children, will be drafted into Jab them. They will be paid extra for each child jabbed but the figure has not been disclosed.

Since the USA is going to put their kids at risk, other countries will soon follow. It is basically guaranteed at this point.

When are you ready to stand up or are you ready to sacrifice your children?


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