European MEPs Defend Your Freedoms - 'No One Grants me Freedom, For I am a Free Person'

31 October 2021

On the 21st of October, MEPs gathered to oppose the vaccine mandate agenda. Now, they have gathered again to support the fundamental rights of workers against the mandatory Digital Certificate. The MEPs confirmed that these are violations of our basic human rights all across the EU.

Millions of European citizens are currently fighting across the EU for their fundamental rights and have emailed their concerns to these MEPs.

The main thing the vaccine did for sure was to put Billions and Billions of dollars in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies.

Christine Anderson, Member of European Parliament

Europe has faced an onslaught by the governments to get their citizens vaccinated. The promise was of restored freedoms after you have been vaccinated. None of this was true. You are not immune to the virus, you can still contract it, and you can still be Infectious. The digital green certificate has been designed to oppress the people.

Check out the full-length video below:


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