Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, Arrested

6 November 2021

The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, has reportedly been arrested by the FBI recently. Many sources state that this is just another piece of fake news whereas others believe that this has happened.

Apparently, the FBI had raided his home and arrested and charged him for fraud. Furthermore, Bourla is being held while he awaits a bail hearing. Federal agents are in the process of executing a search warrant at his home and at multiple other properties he owns across the country.

pfizer ceo

Bourla is said to face these charges due to his role in deceiving the public when it comes to the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer has been accused of falsify data and even paying out bribes. According to an FBI agent who spoke to the Conservative Beaver - the original source, Pfizer had lied about the serious side effects of the vaccine and they are also being accused of paying off governments and the mainstream media to stay silent.

Why can't you find much news backing this up? The police have reportedly ordered a media blackout which was immediately approved by a judge. This is where there is censorship of news related to a particular subject - like how Albert Bourla has been arrested. Conservative Beaver were able to get this news out as they are based in Canada - therefore are not subject to US law.


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