Australia's Indigenous Taken to Covid Quarantine Camps - Just Another Conspiracy Theory Come True

24 November 2021

In Australia, there has been what they call a "COVID breakout" in the northern territories. Now, the Aboriginals (the indigenous people) are starting to be taken to quarantine camps and the people in Rockwell and Binjari have been put into a strict lockdown.

The Australian army is going door to door in these areas to ask the people there to take the vaccine as they are in low-vaccinated areas.

australia vaccinate indigenous

Australia's situation will soon spread to other countries

This is another conspiracy theory come true. People are being put into CAMPS if they have tested positive for COVID-19 or if they are a contact of someone that has tested positive for COVID-19.

The ARMY is also going door to door to urge you to take the vaccine. When will people open their eyes and say "enough is enough"?


The unvaccinated are not be able to go anywhere without having the vaccine. Is it acceptable that the government can dictate what is Injected in your and your childrens bodies? What happens when this comes to YOUR city, YOUR country, YOUR children?

Will anyone bat an eye to that too? Or is it all STILL a conspiracy?

Its time to stand up against tyranny and the time is now!



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