UK Going into Lockdown Straight After Christmas!

21 December 2021

Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, is once more putting the country into lockdown as soon as Christmas ends. Come 27th December, we will be seeing quite a few changes.

Banning foreign leisure travel and barring overseas visitors from entering the UK is being seriously being considered at this point. Most likely, this will come into place. More lockdown measures that we may see is the restaurants, pubs and other venues will be shut down. Hotels will close and people will be banned from seeing one another in indoor spaces. Non-essential shops are also going to close alongside gyms.

lockdown 2021

This is the same thing that we have seen last year. Foreign travel was banned late last year when Johnson placed England into lockdown at the eleventh hour before Christmas. New regulations were introduced in March 2021 that specifically targeted foreign holidaymakers and it wasn’t until May that limited international travel was eventually allowed.

Surely, alongside the lockdown, we will also see the vaccine being pushed even more. Just another booster to keep everyone safe.

When will it end?


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