NHS Text Propaganda Needs to Stop!

28 December 2021

As you may know, quite a lot of people in the UK have been contacted by the NHS to get their jab/booster vaccine. This is a form of propaganda and brainwashing. It shouldn't be acceptable in the slightest.

At the start of Omicron, the government knew next to nothing about the variant. They didn't know the transmissibility, infection rate, symptoms. They knew next to nothing. But somehow, they knew that everyone should get all of their boosters. The knew that the 18+ should get double jabbed, the 5-11 should get their first jab, and it's recommended for the 12-15 to get their second jab.

nhs vaccine booster text

If you think about it, it is sinister that we are getting texts pushing the "life-saving" vaccine. We see it enough everywhere else. Now, they're contacting us on our personal devices. Just recently, people were forgetting about COVID and started embracing their old lives once again. However, the government had to sell their boosters. If you ever wonder about whether the pandemic is about your health and safety, follow the money. Vaccine companies and government officials only make their huge profits when they're pedalling their poison. Companies create the vaccine for about 22p per vial. However, they sell it for 26 pounds per vial. We've been brainwashed as a society to think it's okay for these companies to making such huge profit margins. How can we accept this corporate behaviour when there's people who can't afford medicine - and possibly die because of it. Just look at America's health system for an example.

What should you do about the NHS vaccine texts?

When you receive the text, report it to OFCOM as a SPAM by forwarding it to 7726. You should get an automatic reply asking for the number it cam from. You can reply with NHS or UK Government if you can't see the actual number. Did you know this counts as an unsolicited communication? Therefore, it counts as spam. OFCOM then has to log each complaint. Hopefully there will be enough to get the NHS to stop with this propaganda.

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One comment on “NHS Text Propaganda Needs to Stop!”

  1. I had one of these texts 2 days ago. Unfortunately I just binned it and didn't report it. Also, in Gt Yarmaouth there's a trial going on where NHS/Local Gov' officials are knocking on the unvaccinated doors trying to get them to get vaccinated. Absolutely disgraceful