Your Government Has FULL Control If We Go Cashless!

3 January 2022

If a store refuses to take cash from me, then it's No Sale, permanently.

"When the banks start making little changes which make handling cash a hassle, it will lead to businesses refusing cash. 🤔

Pay attention.

A lot of people don't see what's the government is pushing towards a cashless society. Especially with the ramp-up of Covid-19. This should be worrying a lot of you who understand commerce. We should be fighting for our right to use cash as a legal tender more often.

Why a cashless society is the worst thing for us all:

Cash is the most liquid asset and can be used immediately to perform economic actions like buying, selling, or paying debt, and meeting immediate wants and needs.

Once you have no hold of physical currency, the control of your invisible cash is in the hands of the banking institutions and government. Without cash, your control over your immediate assets becomes a digital illusion that can be controlled and manipulated as seen fit by the banks as well as the governments.

The government and banks can reserve the right to hold on to, postpone or lock your available funds in case of pandemic, economical crash, civil war, protests, refusal to co-operate, tax, refusal to be vaccinated, even if the government or the banks are illegally operating.

The idea of you having control over your money is just an illusion. The profiteers are the banks and by any means necessary, the banks will manipulate, bribe and pay off politicians to pass the law or regulation of the reduction of cash flow? Why?

Every physical penny that you hold in your pocket represents your control and your power of economic circulation, growth and exchange of goods. Once you are no longer in possession of physical currency, your bank is.
The dream of every bank is to have full access, holdings and control of your money. This money becomes their borrowing and lending power. (e.g. 2009 UK & US Bank Bailout).

Banks charge you fees to safely hold your money. They also charge you transaction fees and withdrawal fees. Fees, fees, fees whilst they have YOUR money and operate with it.

Shouldn't it be the other way around??

Point is, if the bank has your cash, the bank has control. I've noticed huge reductions in cash handling for the apparent reason of reducing the spread of covid-19. Really?? So it's ok for the sales assistant to handle your shopping goods, your groceries, pack your bags, pass you the bag and the receipt but it's not ok to handle your cash? Absolutely incredible bullshit.

Use your cash, it's against the law for anyone to refuse the cash payment in exchange for goods and services. I would even go so far as to say boycott stores that will not take cash.

Take back the control of your life."

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