Triple Vaccinated Olympic Athlete Develops Myocarditis - May Never Compete Again

13 January 2022

Just recently, a triple jabbed Olympic athlete had been diagnose with Myocarditis. This athlete is the Swiss marathon record holder - Fabienne Schlumpf may never be able to compete again due to this development.

As an athlete, Schlumpf would obviously have to take very good care of her body - otherwise she would not be at an Olympic level. So why does she have myocarditis? As we have seen before, there is a correlation between people having the COVID jab and them developing myocarditis (the inflammation of the heart) and blood clots.


The 31-year old had announced the recent development on her Instagram account - “BAD NEWS! Unfortunately, myocarditis is holding me back right now. It’s definitely not an easy time for me but I’m not giving up. I hope to be back soon, chasing my dreams… and competitors.”


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