Ikea cuts sick pay for the Unvaccinated

14 January 2022

Ikea has now cut sick pay for their unvaccinated employees that need to self isolate due to Covid exposure and them testing positive for the virus. Ikea has recognised that this is an "emotive topic" but they said that their policy had to change with the circumstances. Now, why don't they cut the sick pay for vaccinated employees too?


Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can catch, spread and suffer from COVID. Yet the unvaccinated are shamed upon for having their own opinions. Before, this wasn't an issue, but then COVID was blown out of proportion. Along with this came with the media shaming people that go along with the narrative it paints.

At Ikea unvaccinated workers, who do not have mitigating circumstances, who test positive will be paid in line with company sick pay. Unvaccinated workers, without mitigating circumstances and required to isolate owing to being identified as a close contact, could now receive as little as £96.35 a week - the Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) minimum.


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One comment on “Ikea cuts sick pay for the Unvaccinated”

  1. Time to stop buying from IKEA and Next. I hope that both these companies get their butt's chewed off at the anticipated employment and court cases.