Australia - Northern Territory Forces ALL Unvaccinated Into Tough LOCKDOWN

9 January 2022

Unvaccinated residents in the Northern Territory in Australia went into LOCKDOWN from 1pm Thursday 6th Jan 2022. The prisoners can NOT go outside for work or exercise. To avoid lockdown you need to be double jabbed at the least. I'm sure this will potentially be extended to being triple jabbed and beyond In the very near future.

They are only allowed to leave their homes for one of three essential reasons: Essential shopping, medical treatment including vaccination or to provide care.

Michael gunner, NT Chief Minister, announced the Lockdown is scheduled to last until 12pm Monday when a new vaccination pass system will come into force.

The NT's unvaccinated population cannot go more than 30km from their home if travelling for an essential reason unless they are going to the hospital.


The 'lockout' will last until 12pm on Monday when a vaccination passport system will be introduced.

These are obvious measures to force people to take a medical procedure that they may not want or can not have.

What happens when you don't want any further jabs?



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