Cases of Omicron Growing - Sajid Javid Throwing Everything at the Booster Rollout

14 December 2021

Once again, there is a new strain keeping us from living our lives. Sajid Javid, the British health secretary, is now urging the public to "play your part". Using guilt to make us feel responsible for others once again. The health secretary told Sky's Kay Burley that cases of Omicron are growing at a "phenomenal rate", which is why the government is expanding the booster program "to a level never seen before in this country".

The health secretary has said that they must act early. They're now throwing everything at the booster shot rollout which they say is "more important than ever".

Strange that all the evidence points to Omicron being a mild Coronavirus with few hospitalisations and the only death being reported by Boris johnson.

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