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17 January 2022
We have been sent a video of a UK doctor telling a patient, who seems to have some health conditions, that the covid-19 vaccine rollout will soon come to an end. The video has had […]
17 January 2022
Next is now cutting sick pay for their unvaccinated staff who are self-isolating. The staff will still receive sick pay - but it will have been decreased. Trade unions has expressed concerned about this move. […]
17 January 2022
The proposed global rollout of Vaccine Passports has nothing to do with your health. Vaccine Passports are a Trojan horse being used to create a completely new type of controlled and surveilled society in which […]
14 January 2022
Ikea has now cut sick pay for their unvaccinated employees that need to self isolate due to Covid exposure and them testing positive for the virus. Ikea has recognised that this is an "emotive topic" […]
13 January 2022
Just recently, a triple jabbed Olympic athlete had been diagnose with Myocarditis. This athlete is the Swiss marathon record holder - Fabienne Schlumpf may never be able to compete again due to this development. As […]
8 January 2022
We all know that the COVID-19 Vaccine is still in its trial phase and some people have experienced major side effects. Now, we have another potential victim of it. A double vaccinated 13-year old from […]
7 January 2022
As you might be aware, a law has been passed in the UK allowing the government to go door to door encouraging people to get vaccinated. Lots of people might feel pressured to "do the […]
4 January 2022
Recently, Both YouTube and Twitter have deleted an Interview between Joe Rogan and Robert Malone. Apparently, the content is censored because it goes against "community guidelines". Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of the nine […]
3 January 2022
If a store refuses to take cash from me, then it's No Sale, permanently. "When the banks start making little changes which make handling cash a hassle, it will lead to businesses refusing cash. 🤔 Pay […]
28 December 2021
As you may know, quite a lot of people in the UK have been contacted by the NHS to get their jab/booster vaccine. This is a form of propaganda and brainwashing. It shouldn't be acceptable […]
21 December 2021
Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, is once more putting the country into lockdown as soon as Christmas ends. Come 27th December, we will be seeing quite a few changes. Banning foreign leisure travel and […]
21 December 2021
With COVID-19 "spreading" there has been a wave of people awakening - realising what is actually happening alongside the pandemic. The government has tried to push the vaccine - making it seem like everyone and […]
8 December 2021
John Parry, a funeral director at Milton Keynes Funeral Home has commented on the situation when it comes to the bodies that come into the funeral home. Most likely, these deaths were labeled as COVID. […]
8 December 2021
Apparently, a leaked video has surfaced online that shows senior Downing Street government staff laughing and joking about a Christmas party that took place while the rest of the UK was under strict lockdown restrictions […]
5 December 2021
In Germany, the vaccine is getting to the point where it becomes mandatory. As well as this, the unvaccinated people in the country have been put into lockdown. Even though the vaccinated can spread the […]
2 December 2021
As you have probably heard in the news, the UK, the newest variant is spreading - originally coming from South Africa. This variant has been named Omicron. At this point in time, everyone entering the […]
29 November 2021
There is a curious chain of events that can not be Ignored as we can see the blatant hysteria being caused around the Omicron variant. Read on ... November 24, 2021: South Africa tells Pfizer […]
29 November 2021
An Interesting idea has been seen on the web. I'm not sure who is the creator of this idea, please let us know in the comments if you do know, but it is designed to […]
25 November 2021
Pfizer, the manufacturer of one of the most widely distributed ‘vaccines’ being used to halt the Covid-19 pandemic, has openly admitted that the clinical trials involving young people were carried out in such a considerably […]
24 November 2021
In Australia, there has been what they call a "COVID breakout" in the northern territories. Now, the Aboriginals (the indigenous people) are starting to be taken to quarantine camps and the people in Rockwell and […]
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