23 November 2021
The FDA is being sued by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency via a Freedom of Information Act request for 329,000 pages worth of information about the Pfizer jab. The agency had then requested […]
23 November 2021
As we all know, the vaccine is untested and we are uncertain of the long-term effects of them. A rare nerve disorder have been added to the list of side affects of the AstraZeneca vaccine. […]
6 November 2021
The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, has reportedly been arrested by the FBI recently. Many sources state that this is just another piece of fake news whereas others believe that this has happened. Apparently, the […]
2 November 2021
The FDA Advisory Committee have now voted in favour of giving children of the ages 5 to 11 the COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use. In the Advisory Committee notes, it has been confirmed that Pfizer […]
28 October 2021
The panel of advisers to the FDA are now recommending that they authorise vaccinate children from the ages of 5 - 11. Typically, the FDA tends to follow the advice it's given - so it […]
15 October 2021
We all know that the COVID-19 vaccine has been rushed and tainted - it's deadly. In Taiwan, the deaths from the COVID Vaccine has officially surpassed the number of deaths from the disease itself. People […]