21 August 2021
Yesterday, we posted a video of Supermarkets in France that are hiring security guards to keep unvaccinated out. Today, another video has emerged of people not being allowed into supermarkets without "Covid Passports". Well, In […]
1 August 2021
There are protestors taking place all over the globe pushing back against the elitist vaccine mandate. One thing that seems to be a common theme is the level of Police Brutality that accompanies them. How […]
22 July 2021
For over a year these so-called conspiracy theorists told you that your freedoms will be impacted if you don't get jabbed. Obviously, everyone laughed at them. But then with the announcement by Boris Johnson for […]
10 July 2021
We have come to a time where customers will require a COVID passport/COVID-19 certificate in order to enter restaurants, pubs and bars in the Autumn season. This is following the same cycle that the government […]
22 June 2021
The government keeps on changing their minds about whether they want to introduce the COVID passport. It is said that using the COVID passport could keep pubs open. As we all know, pubs are a […]